Precision Invests in Technology to Improve Customer Experience

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“80% of success is simply showing up.”  This popular quote is credited to filmmaker Woody Allen, and there is a lot of truth in it.  If you’ve ever been stood up by your lawn guy, a painter, the cable guy, an employee, or anyone else, you know the inconvenience, irritation, and downright pain it can cause.

When talking to Brazzi Smith, the owner of Precision Tree Care and Removal, about his business, he realizes that simply showing up is a huge factor in their success.  At the same time, simply showing up is not always so simple.

“We hear it all time”, said Brazzi, referring to his customers’ delight when his crews show up on time, as promised.   “It’s pretty funny.  Sometimes customers reveal that we weren’t the first or even second tree service they called and spoke to.  The others just didn’t show up, but we did.  I’ll bet we’ll be their first call the next time!”

So how does the Precision crew do it?  There are plenty of reasons why.   First, they care deeply about their customers which is evident when you look at their reputation and online reviews on sites such as Google.  Second, Brazzi believes in letting his yes mean yes, and is a man of integrity which he instills in his Team.   But there is another factor that helps Brazzi and his crews:  technology.

Technology and tree service may not seem all that related to you.   But just like every other industry, technology is making deep inroads into the tree service/trimming/removal business.  Embracing the right technology is key to continued success.

As we have outlined in recent blog posts, Precision benefits from cutting edge technology in their equipment such as fuel injected chainsaws and remote control stump grinders.  But the technology helping Precision is not just limited to the equipment they use each day.  Precision has invested in software called Housecall Pro to help run their business.  And not only has it completely improved the organization and flow of daily operations, it also greatly improves the customer  experience. 

So just how does Housecall Pro improve the experience not only for Brazzi, but also his foremen and crews, his customers, and even his accountant?

housecall pro software screenshot

Let’s walk through how this powerful new software can do so much.

It all starts with the first communication with the customer.  This usually leads to a visit to the property and an estimate.   Prior to having Housecall Pro, Brazzi would make manual notes either on pen and paper or on his phone.  He would set a date and time to visit the customer.  Then he would have to remember and also hope that the customer would remember.   If he thought about it, he would email/text/call the customer a reminder and also let them know when he was on his way.   Multiply this times dozens of customers per week, hundreds per year, and you can see how it might get easy to miss a step.

Utilizing the program, this appointment date and time can be set, the customer address can be entered, and all communication can be automated.  This means it is now on Brazzi’s calendar, he will be reminded, and the customer will also be reminded and can respond if there is a conflict.

Upon showing up at a property to perform an estimate, Brazzi would previously walk around the site, talk to the property owner, take some pictures, make notes, etc.  He would then need to wait until a time when he could sit down in front of a computer to manually type up all the details, draw up an estimate, an agreement, and manually send it to the customer.  The customer would need to sign some paperwork and get that back to Brazzi, which could end up being cumbersome, time-consuming, and even stop a job from ever getting started.

Utilizing the software, this entire process is streamlined.  Pictures of the property are automatically imported into the estimate.  Information is entered one time, and an estimate is automatically created and digitally sent to the customer via text or email.   The customer can review, accept, and sign the agreement online, which is automatically saved and securely filed.

Once the customer has agreed to the job, the work is automatically scheduled, and the Precision foremen and crews are also notified.   When the entire Precision Team shows up for work each morning, they know exactly what is on the schedule for that day, how to get there, what the job entails, what equipment should be loaded up, and other details that would have been difficult to manage under the old manual way of doing things.

Upon completion of the work, an invoice is automatically sent and the customer can pay online using a variety of payment method options.   This contactless payment system has proven to not only be convenient and seamless but also extremely safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.  As an added convenience, the records are kept organized for accounting and tax purposes.

Of course, great technology is not free.  But Brazzi is aware that in order to run a successful business, he needs to invest.  That includes investing in good people on his Team, investing in rigorous safety protocols and PPE, investing in advertising and his internet presence to continue to grow the business, and now, of course, software to help the business run smoothly.

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