About Precision Tree Care & Removal

Precision Tree Care & Removal was founded by owner/operator Brazzi Smith. He may be young, but he is anything but inexperienced.

Brazzi grew up in North Florida and some of his earliest memories include playing with toy chainsaws. As Brazzi says, he’s always been fascinated and even a little obsessed with these powerful tools. Later in life, he experienced firsthand several major storms including Hurricane Ivan, Hurricane Dennis, and others. When Brazzi’s father volunteered in major cleanup and relief efforts he decided to bring his son along. This is where young Brazzi began to truly hone his skills using a real chainsaw. Once he got a taste of a chainsaw, the rest, you could say, was history.

This volunteer relief Christian ministry became a huge part of Brazzi’s life, both spiritually and professionally. He dedicated much of his life to Christian volunteer work and as a result was exposed to many different crews and trades, gaining valuable experience to add to his already impressive construction background.

While Brazzi enjoyed several facets of construction, crafts, and woodworking, he found his true passion when he was assigned to work on a volunteer crew named “Site Work with Heavy Equipment”. Here he was given detailed training and real-world experience using skid steers, large tractors, excavators, dozers, rollers, and eventually received training in aerial lifts.

His hard work and advancement eventually led him from North Florida to a long-term residency and volunteer assignment on one of the largest construction projects in North America at the time… all the way to Warwick, NY.

At this massive project in Warwick, Brazzi volunteered for a full year as a scaffolding erector along with various other exterior work. It was here that he learned what he credits to be the most important knowledge he has acquired related to his business: the importance of safety. This respect for life and property made a deep and lasting impression on Brazzi’s life and views, and he has carried that priceless education with him into his own business.

Upon his return to Florida, Brazzi worked for a time with a local tree business and decided that it was the perfect business for him, given his background of working with heavy equipment and working at heights.

Precision Tree Care & Removal is the result of all of that hard work and training. When you are deciding on a Professional Tree Service in the Live Oak, FL area, make sure you give consideration to factors beyond who can do the job the cheapest or the fastest. Hire a company that brings good values, honesty, respect, and an obsession with the safety of life and property.

Brazzi and his Team at Precision Tree Care & Removal would be honored to take on your project, and will do everything to ensure it is done well.

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