Precision is Serious About Safety

Precision is more than just a name. It is our standard. Tree Care and Removal can be a dangerous, high risk, hazardous activity if not done by well-trained professionals utilizing appropriate safety protocols. Please think twice about tackling a job yourself, and don’t trust your job with just anyone – even if they say they are a Contractor. Go with real professionals who take proper care of your home and property – go with Precision!

Here are some of the precautions, processes, equipment, and protections Precision Tree Service & Removal, LLC will take on every single job to give our customers complete peace of mind.

Pre-Work Meeting

Safety starts before the work begins. Before every job, our Crew meets to go over safety reminders referencing a safety handbook. We note particular hazards specific to each job and ensure that we are well-prepared to handle the task safely and effectively.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

High visibility clothing
Eye protection
Head protection (Kask climbing helmets)
Ear protection
Skin protection
Face protection

Communication System

Communication is key. Our Sena communication system allows our crew to talk to each other comfortably and effectively, even in a complex situation such as one crew member up in the lift with a chainsaw and another crew member in the bobcat turned all the way up.

Proper Tools for the Job
Some tree care “contractors” are more concerned about speed and cutting costs than doing the job properly and safely. At Precision, we use the correct equipment to ensure a safe working environment.

Well-Maintained Equipment

Just having the right tools is not enough. If the tools are not maintained properly, and in safe working order, it could create a hazard. At Precision Tree Care & Removal, we leave nothing to chance by enforcing a strict maintenance program to keep our equipment in safe working order.

Brush Cutting Equipment

Removal of small trees and thick undergrowth can be a formidable and hazardous job. We use a high flow brush cutter attachment on a Bobcat skid steer. Safe and effective!


No matter how “experienced” a contractor says he is, it’s never a good idea to walk on a roof unanchored. At Precision, we take every precaution to ensure that our crew, as well as your home and property, are cared for. This is why we spare no expense by keeping the best harness systems available and adhere to strict safety requirements including always anchoring when on a roof, and harnessing when climbing or in the bucket lift.

Property Protection

Your property is precious to you. Protect it with Precision. We provide superior property protection by using tarps and or plywood to protect grass or precious landscaping such as plants and surrounding trees. We protect windows with plywood whenever we are working near them and we use new and well-inspected rigging ropes the strongest available, rated at 20,000 lbs.

Bucket Lift

Imagine a “tree contractor” standing on the edge of your roof reaching out with a chainsaw to cut a limb. Bad idea. At Precision Tree Care & Removal we use a top of the line Nifty64 bucket lift with a working height up to 70 feet to ensure the safety of our crew as well as your home and property. Get it done right. Get it done safely. Call Precision.

We are also licensed, bonded and insured.

When it comes to SAFE Tree Care & Removal in the Live Oak, FL area, think Precision!

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