Professional Review: Bandit SG 75 Stump Grinder

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A Precision Review

The crew at Precision are always excited to get a new toy. And by toy, of course we mean a new piece of powerful equipment to help them do what they do best – remove trees! And in this case, we are talking not just about tree removal, but specifically about stump removal. And the shiny new toy is an amazing piece of equipment: the Bandit SG 75 Track Stump Grinder.

If you’ve ever cut down a tree on your property, you realize that even after all the work of cutting down the tree and hauling off debris there is plenty of work left to do. If you want to use the ground where the tree once stood, you must get rid of the stump. A quick YouTube search will reveal all types of ideas for DIY stump removal. But if you want it done right, you’ll need to hire a professional who offers stump grinding services.

Precision has always offered stump grinding services, but according to owner Brazzi Smith it was a service they offered selectively until recently. The reason? Well to put it simply, they didn’t have the best equipment for the job. That meant the jobs were difficult or unsafe, and if the situation wasn’t right, they would turn down the job.

With the acquisition of the Bandit SG 75 stump grinder, all of that has changed. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the SG 75 and some of its unique features.

This model from Bandit took years of development and the resulting new design features a direct drive grinding system, a powerful diesel engine, expanding/retracting track system, and is 100% remote control operated. We’ll take a look at each of these features in detail.

Direct-Drive Grinding System

Among popular professional stump grinding systems, there are 3 primary types: belt driven, hydraulic pump, and direct drive. The Bandit SG 75 features an efficient gearbox drive system to power its 27 inch diameter cutter wheel. This setup is easy to maintain, only requiring quick maintenance after a break-in period. And while some stump grind professionals may argue that belt driven systems are the most powerful, after approximately 500 hours the belts need to be replaced. According to Brazzi, direct drive is the most efficient system and eliminates the need for a clutch, jackshaft, drive belt, belt tensioning system and other components associated with a traditional belt drive.

Powerful Diesel Engine

The power source of the Bandit SG 75 is a 74 horsepower Kohler diesel engine. According to Bandit’s website, this is the most powerful engine of any stump grinder in its class. This power is used to turn the 27 inch cutter wheel which features 42 grinding teeth. The combination of power and the cutter wheel make it grind through the toughest stumps with ease.

With all that power you might wonder how heavy the machine is and if it will tear up your lawn. According to Brazzi the machine is extremely powerful but not overly heavy and is actually fairly lawn-friendly. It weighs in at about 4500 lbs and is low impact due to its track system.

As a side point, if a client has soft lawn or fragile grass, the Precision crew can arrange to build a plywood “road” to drive their equipment over so as to further protect the lawn. What a great Team who cares about their customers!

Expanding/Retracting Track System

One of the most unique features of the Bandit SG 75 is the expandable/retractable track undercarriage system. At the touch of a button the tracks can adjust from 35 inches to 60 inches wide in a ‘telescoping’ fashion. This makes the base extremely stable when needed, but also extremely flexible for transporting – even capable of fitting through most backyard gates.

With the power, stability, and adjustability you get the idea that this machine is capable of very large jobs, but also flexible enough to be used for smaller jobs within residential areas.

100% Remote Controlled

Besides being super cool and making it seem like you’re playing with a radio controlled toy, the remote control is extremely feature-rich and adds perhaps the most important feature: safety.

A stump grinder produces a huge amount of flying chips and debris as it grinds. The Bandit SG 75 limits this with a large rubber debris curtain, but there is still the possibility of debris flying through the air. Being able to operate the machine remotely keeps the operator safe.

Another benefit of the remote control, according to Brazzi, is the operator’s vantage point. Many other stump grinders require you to look over the machine or through plexiglass, which can put the user in an awkward or compromised position. Having the remote control allows you to maintain a good view and do better, more efficient work. In addition, in rainy or extremely hot or cold temperatures you can operate the machine from a more comfortable spot, such as under a shelter or in the shade.

Brazzi also reports that the remote control is extremely user-friendly, using buttons and joysticks similar to a video game and giving control over all the features of the machine. Other remotes he has used over the years feature switches and proportional valves which can take a big learning curve, whereas the SG-75 was very easy to learn quickly.

In summary, the Bandit SG 75 Track Stump Grinder is a powerful, flexible, efficient machine that features an impressive feature set. Brazzi is looking forward to years of dependable service and feels that it will help Precision better serve their customers. They can now offer good pricing on jobs that they may have either declined or priced higher in the past due to the inferior equipment they were operating. Now whether they are clearing acreage or grinding a single stump, the job will be more efficient and safer, making it a win/win for Precision and their customers!

For more information and to locate a dealer, check out Bandit’s website.

And of course, if you need professional stump grinding service in the Live Oak, FL area, you can trust Precision Tree Care and Removal. Give us a call today: (386) 688-5173 or fill out our service contact form.