Is Fall a Good Time for Tree Maintenance?

by Oct 29, 2019Tree Maintenance, Tree Service0 comments

For most of the country, October and November are beautiful months.  We typically begin to enjoy a welcome break from the intense heat of late summer, specifically in the mornings and evenings, signaling the transition into the Fall season is approaching.

Of course if you’ve been putting off some outdoor chores around the house, you might look forward to this break from the heat to help motivate you to get them done.  Many homeowners take the opportunity to take on tasks such as cleaning up flower beds, cleaning gutters, trimming shrubs and small trees around the yard, and other similar tasks for this time of year.

Not to be overlooked in this fall cleanup, however, are your larger trees.  Yes, fall is an excellent time to schedule a professional tree service to come and tidy up your property.  Consider 5 reasons why.

  1. Beauty.
  2. As mentioned, some of the most enjoyable time to be outdoors is in the fall.  While our outdoor living spaces may have been seldom used during the hot, sticky days of late summer, suddenly we crave to hang out in the backyard, on the patio, and enjoy our yards and property.  A professional tree service can identify the best ways to trim your trees to ensure your outdoor space is enjoyable.

  3. Health of the plant.
  4. The amount of trimming that should be done varies.  An arborist understands the complexities associated with various tree species on your property.  Some trees may be better to trim closer to spring, whereas others will thrive better through a winter with an early or mid fall trim.  Additionally, a problem area will likely grow worse during the colder months. Remember, your trees are an asset. Protect them!

  5. Easier examination.
  6. The period during Autumn begins the loss of leaves for many trees.  As the leaf foliage thins out, it allows experts such as tree surgeons and arborists to see the tree’s structure and therefore identify disease and insect problems more easily.

  7. Safety.
  8. You should always remove dead, diseased and damaged wood without delay.  Some articles suggest always waiting until late winter or closer to spring for trimming.  But for the health of the tree as well as the safety of your property, take proper precaution.  A professional tree service, tree surgeon or arborist can properly identify the needs as well as take care of the big limbs, high branches or other tough jobs that might pose a problem for the do-it-yourselfer.

  9. Save money.
  10. Many times tree companies are busiest during Spring and Summer.  If your attempts to hire a professional tree service were unsuccessful earlier in the year, Autumn is a great time to call.  Ask for a fall discount, you never know – you just might get one!

We hope these 5 tips are helpful and motivate you to schedule your seasonal tree service today!  

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