Tree Service’s Impact on Your Home Value

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Whether you need tree removal, seasonal tree maintenance, or tree trimming, it’s easy to look at hiring a professional tree service as an expense.  The fact is, of course, that it does cost money to have Precision or any other professional tree company come out and do the job. But, should you look at it solely as an expense, or is it an investment?

A study done by Michigan State University’s Department of Horticulture showed some very interesting findings on this topic.  Let’s examine some of the key findings and determine:

  1. How landscaping affects perceived property and home values
  2. How this is related to your decision to hire a professional tree company
  3. Why this underscores the importance of hiring the correct tree service

Landscaping Does Affect Perceived Property and Home Values

In the study, the researchers found that participants definitely took a well-landscaped home to be worth far more than a home with little landscaping, no landscaping, or poorly designed or maintained landscaping. 

They came to this conclusion by using conjoint design to show over 1,300 participants photographs depicting the front of a landscaped residence.  The landscapes were constructed using various levels of three main attributes: plant type, design sophistication, and plant size.

The most important factors to the participants were, in order: design sophistication, then plant size, and finally plan type.

Your Decision to Hire a Professional Tree Company

Since trees are the largest plant type you will have in your landscape design, the study really shows that trees matter.  And if sophistication of design is the absolute most important factor in perceived property value, it stands to reason that you want your largest “landscape asset” (your trees!) to be “sophisticated” (well maintained!).

The study went on to find that the better the landscape, the higher the value of the home was perceived to be.  This was true across every market where the survey was conducted, which spanned 7 different states representing as far north as Delaware and a large percentage of participants coming from southern states, our neighbors such as Louisiana, Mississippi and the Carolinas.

Just how much did the perceived property value increase with a nice, well maintained landscape?  Anywhere from 5 to 10 percent – that’s huge!

Hire the Right Tree Service

Let’s take a real-world example.  If your home is worth $200,000, by improving or giving the perception of a more sophisticated landscape, specifically with your larger plants (trees) being well-maintained, it could sway the perceived value of your home by $10,000 to $20,000 in either direction!

That really puts into perspective the “cost” of having the job done right.

So in conclusion, when facing the decision of whether to hire a professional tree service, rather than thinking of it as a hard cost, consider it as an investment.  And as with any investment you want to invest in a company that will give you the best return. With some companies who claim to offer professional tree service, you don’t know what you will get. 

With Precision Tree Care and Removal, LLC you are hiring a trusted company with a proven track record and many, many happy customers.  Check our reviews, look through our website and give us a call at (386) 688-5173 to schedule an estimate today.  

We look forward to helping make your home more beautiful, safer, and more valuable!