Precision Tree Care and Removal Selected by FDOT for Emergency Interstate Clean-Up

by Jul 4, 2024Storm Damage, Tree Removal, Tree Service0 comments

Swift Action and Unwavering Dedication in the Face of Disaster

In the wake of the recent microburst storm, Precision Tree Care and Removal once again demonstrated their exceptional commitment to community safety and rapid response. Led by owner Brazzi Smith, the team swiftly mobilized to address the widespread damage caused by the storm, showcasing their expertise and dedication to restoring normalcy in affected areas.

Emergency Response on Major Highways

One of the most pressing challenges posed by the storm was the obstruction of key highways, which are crucial for emergency services and daily commutes. Precision Tree Care and Removal secured an emergency contract through Anderson Columbia to work for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The task: clear debris and downed trees across a significant stretch of two major interstates—seven miles of I-75 and eleven miles of I-10.

The Precision team responded immediately, leveraging their skills and equipment to quickly clear the roads. This prompt action not only restored safe travel routes but also demonstrated the company’s ability to handle large-scale emergency operations efficiently.

Helping Homeowners and Businesses

Beyond the highways, the storm left a trail of destruction in residential and commercial areas. Precision Tree Care and Removal assisted numerous homeowners with insurance-paid tree removals, addressing damage to homes, boats, and shops. One notable instance involved removing a tree from a customer’s shop and tractor, enabling the owner to proceed with their cleanup efforts.

Despite dealing with personal setbacks, including Brazzi’s own truck being damaged by a flipped carport and office manager Jenny’s home being surrounded by fifteen downed trees with power outages for days, the team’s focus remained unwaveringly on their clients. This dedication underlines the company’s ethos of prioritizing community support, even in the face of personal hardships.

A Challenging Season of Storms

The recent microburst storm was particularly disheartening for the community, as it struck shortly after Precision Tree Care and Removal had completed a significant cleanup project for the city manager of Live Oak. The team had just finished restoring a large farm that had suffered extensive hurricane damage. Tragically, the microburst caused even more destruction than the hurricane, compounding the challenges for the affected residents and businesses.


Precision Tree Care and Removal’s rapid and effective response to the storm underscores their vital role in storm recovery efforts. Their ability to manage both large-scale emergencies and individual homeowner needs highlights their versatility and commitment to service. Despite facing personal adversities, Brazzi Smith and his team exemplify resilience and dedication, reinforcing their reputation as a reliable partner in times of crisis.

As the community rebuilds and recovers, Precision Tree Care and Removal stands as a testament to the power of swift, professional response in mitigating the impacts of natural disasters. Their work not only restores physical landscapes but also provides a sense of hope and security to those affected.

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