The Future of the Tree Care Industry

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Brazzi Smith, owner of Precision Tree Care & Removal, has had his eye on a grapple saw truck for a while now.

He is someone who is known to like the latest gear, cutting edge technology, and he can talk for hours about the newest gizmos, gadgets, and equipment to assist his crews in getting the job done. Grapple saw trucks certainly fit the bill. They are expensive. They are powerful. They are technologically advanced and offer incredible efficiency to any tree care company that can acquire one. In his own words, grapple saw trucks are “the future of the tree care industry”.

But being a gearhead is not the reason he’s had his eye on a grapple saw truck for a while now. Nor is the fact that having a grapple saw truck could allow him to tackle more work, earn bigger jobs, and get them done more quickly.

What’s the reason, then? In a word: SAFETY.

If you do your research on Precision, you will notice a recurring theme: safety is the priority.

From pre-work safety meetings each day, to PPE (personal protection equipment), to communication systems, to harnessing/anchor systems, to meticulous maintenance of equipment, you will not find a tree service company that cares more about safety.

So how does safety lead to the acquisition of a grapple saw truck?

“The safety of our crew is our number one priority. Next, of course, is the homeowner’s property”, says Brazzi.

Because of this dedication to safety, when the company decided to move in the direction of a grapple saw truck they wanted to find one that was not only the “ultimate tree removing machine” but also one that would fall in line with their core values.


Here are just a few of the key features:

  • The truck is only 28 feet long and has 2 stabilizers that deploy giving it 100% stability and a full load chart.
  • The crane has a max lift capacity of 4000 pounds at its full extension of 70 feet vertical.
  • The truck weighs less than the average bucket truck and also has a dumping debris box that allows us to load smaller trees directly into the box. This means that in some cases the tree that we cut never even touches the ground.
  • The truck is fully remote controlled so the operator is safe and away from the work area while in use.

Be on the watch for a future blog post where we deep dive into this amazing piece of equipment with a full review.

In addition to investing in the equipment, Precision knows that the equipment is only as good as the operator. That is why the company made sure to get all of the proper training required to operate the machinery safely and be compliant with the ANSI and Osha regulations required. Precision is proud to have 2 certified crane operators employed with the company. This gives homeowners the peace of mind to know that the Precision crews are fully qualified to do the work right the first time!

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