Professional Review: Bobcat s570 Skid-Steer Loader

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In this blog post we will be discussing an essential piece of equipment for any serious Professional Tree Service company – the skid-steer loader. A key reason for the importance of the skid steer is the fact that it is so versatile. Compact yet powerful, the skid steer can be used for a variety of tasks that could otherwise be described as difficult or impossible.

Let’s dive in and take a look at the machine that Brazzi Smith and his crew put to use every day at Precision Tree Care & Removal: the Bobcat s570 skid-steer loader.

Check out our interview with Brazzi below!

Precision Blogger: So let’s start with the basics. What exactly is a skid steer?

Brazzi: Simply put, it is a compact-sized tractor that is powered by a reversible hydraulic pump. The hydrostatic pump allows for smooth operation without switching gears, meaning you can go forward, backwards, and side to side with ease. They usually feature a joystick to control them. Because of this smooth operation, it allows for a myriad of tasks to be handled quickly and efficiently.

Why is it also referred to as a “loader”?

This is because one of the main uses is to function as a front end loader similar to a tractor. These lift arms on the front of the machine allow it to pick up and move loads. In the world of a tree service professional, common use for the front end loader attachment on a skid steer would be to load and unload trailers, to pick up very heavy pieces of wood, or to pile up debris for a grapple truck.

Talk a little about the different attachments you can have on a skid-steer loader.

Besides the loader, there is an extremely wide range of tasks a skid steer can be used for. That would include moving dirt, grading land, and using as a forklift

But as you mentioned, the real versatility is unlocked when you get various attachments. Some of these include augers, ditch witches, stump grinders, wood splitters, grapples, and even a brush cutter which is like a bush hog and can cut brush and small trees with trunks up to 4 inches in diameter. We do a lot of brush cutting jobs, and the s570 does a great job.

Tell us about the power of an s570.

The model we use at Precision features a 61 horsepower Kubota diesel motor. It can lift some extremely heavy loads, I believe it is rated to handle loads of just under a ton, around 1,900 lbs.

(Fact-check: According to Bobcat’s website, we confirmed that the s570 weighs 6,480lbs and has a Rated Operating Capacity of 1,950lbs. Good job, Brazzi!)

Do you prefer wheels or tracks on your skid steer?

Tracks are really cool, but for my everyday needs I prefer wheels. Track machines do get better traction on hills and in wet environments, but they are more expensive and much heavier, and also more expensive to maintain.

So we know you are a “Stihl man” when it comes to chainsaws… are you a “Bobcat man” when it comes to skid steers?

Yes absolutely! I like to say “if it’s not a Bobcat, it’s a copycat”! The machines are tough and have proven to be very reliable. Bobcat is the original machine that started the skid steer craze.

Tell us about your particular s570. What year is it and do you have any of the crazy amenities like air conditioning and cup holders that Bobcat offers?

Ha ha, I wish! Ours is a 2013 model and we’ve had it for around 3 years. It is an open cab, but there are definitely hot summer days when we wish it had air conditioning! It’s pretty crazy some of the features you can get on these things: radios, heaters, even cell phone charging ports. But for now, ours is pretty simple – but it gets the job done!

As you can see, Brazzi is very satisfied with his Bobcat s570 skid-steer loader. If you’re interested in pricing out a new s570 or one of Bobcat’s other models, you can build and request a quote from Bobcat’s website.

And of course, if you need professional tree service in the Live Oak, FL area, you can trust Precision Tree Care and Removal. Give us a call today: (386) 688-5173 or fill out our service contact form.