Price of Tree Service Versus Common Medical Bills

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The next time you consider firing up your trusty old chainsaw, you may want to consider the cost of attempting to save money by doing the job yourself.  A little bit of math may reveal that hiring a professional tree service is the real bargain.

We recently received a bid request on a job that we might consider fairly straightforward – but would be a massive undertaking for the average homeowner.   Our estimate was between $1,500 and $2,000.   Figuring he could save that money by doing it himself, the man attempted to handle the tree removal job himself.   Sadly, during the process he fell and suffered a very serious injury, breaking his back.

According to the website, the cost of a non-surgical diagnosis and treatment of a fractured vertebrae or spinal fracture can range from $5,000 to $15,000 or more, depending on the treatment.  If surgery is required, the same website reports that the cost can reach staggering levels of upwards of $150,000!   The example cited by the website is Baptist Memorial Health Center in Memphis, TN.  The insertion of a spinal fixation device at this facility costs an average of $46,931 — not including the surgeon’s fee. And spinal fusion, which is used in some cases for certain types of fractures, typically costs $80,000 to $150,000.

Beyond the hard cost of medical treatment, what is the impact and cost of the disruption of your life?   Will you have to miss work?  Will your family members have to also miss work in order to care for you?  What about the cost of physical therapy?  Or simply the pain of no longer being able to do the things you love to do?

We did a bit of research and compiled some additional information on the cost of various injuries.  The source of this information is the Guardian Insurance website.

Injury or Treatment Avg. Cost
Broken Arm $2,500 – $16,000
Concussion $18,454
X-RAY, CT Scan, MRI $260 – $4,800
Ambulance $224 – $2,204
Hospital stay $10,000
Single Physical Therapy Session $50 – $350

Our goal here is not to scare you or use fear tactics to win your business.  It’s a free country, and you are more than welcome to take on the job yourself.  Many of our customers are very experienced and are capable of doing a great job.  However, risk must be factored in.  Things happen.  The simple fact of the matter is that tree work is one of the most hazardous activities you can engage in.  It’s a reality we at Precision Tree Care and Removal are well aware of and the reason we take so many precautions and make safety an integral part of everything we do.

So the next time you need tree service including tree removal, tree trimming, debris removal, brush trimming, or any other related service, we implore you to please count the cost.  Think of your safety, your family, your quality of life, and yes – the value of your life itself.

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