Tree Service During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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As our customers already know – at Precision Tree Care & Removal we take tree service safety VERY seriously. From the best PPE (personal protection equipment), to high quality anchoring systems, bucket lifts, maintenance protocols, and even our daily safety meeting – we do everything we can do to ensure the safety and protection of not only your property, but most importantly, human lives.

When it comes to the current situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we feel a strong obligation to our customers, our communities, and all of our families to hold to the highest possible safety standards.

Here are 5 steps we are taking during this difficult time to take care of our customers in the safest manner possible.

1. Frequent Hand Washing and Disinfecting

We have implemented protocols for hand washing/sanitizing. As you can imagine, when we are on the job there are limited opportunities to wash our hands with soap and water. But every opportunity we get, we certainly take advantage to wash our hands per CDC guidelines. At times when there is no running water and soap available to us, we keep plenty of hand sanitizer for our crew to use.

In addition to hand washing, we also disinfect our equipment and vehicles regularly. Each Crew Member has his or her own PPE such as gloves, eye protection, and facemasks to reduce risk of cross-contamination.

2. Socially Distanced Walk-Through of Your Job

When you call Precision Tree Care & Removal, you can feel safe knowing that we will go to whatever length you feel comfortable to remain socially distanced. No need to worry about us coming into your home or extending our hand for a handshake. Our professional crew will remain a minimum of 6 feet away from you at all times, wear a face covering, and will refrain from placing our hands on any of your personal property, unless of course it is necessary and you are in agreement.

Some customers prefer to be present and accompany us on a walk-through of the property. In such a case we will wear a face covering and remain 6 feet apart.

We can also discuss the job over the phone and then come out to survey the property with no accompaniment. We have even performed walk-throughs of a job site while on the phone with the customer so they can point out details, or they may be inside the home looking through a window or standing a good distance away from us while on the phone.

Bottom line: We want you to feel comfortable and safe at all times. You do not need to worry that we will take any liberties with your personal space or make you feel that you should be in any position that you’d rather avoid.

3. Estimates Delivered Via Email

When an estimate or invoice needs to be delivered, we can do so electronically. Most times we email estimates to our customers, so that there is no need to deliver in person or to require a personal signature.

4. Touchless Payment Options

When it is time to invoice or receive payment, we have a few options to keep it touch-free. First, we accept all major credit cards and can email or text you an online payable invoice. Secondly, you are welcome to send a check to our mailing address.

5. Health Monitoring of Our Crew

Lastly, please be assured that if any member of our crew becomes ill or shows any symptoms of illness they will not be accompanying us to our job or working at any of our facilities or with any of our equipment until they have been medically cleared.

Some contractors may take a casual view of this virus, but you can rest assured that your friends at Precision Tree Care & Removal will NEVER take your health lightly, whether it’s related to dangerous work environments,illness, or anything else.

We wish all of our customers, community, and our families nothing but the best. Please be careful and show consideration to each other – and stay safe & well!

For the best tree service in the Live Oak, FL area, (even during a pandemic) give us a call today: (386) 688-5173 or fill out our service contact form.