Volvo Grapple Truck Added to Precision Roster of Equipment

by Jul 4, 2019General0 comments

When you’re a professional tree care and removal service, debris comes with the territory. But at Precision, we don’t leave debris behind. Many of our jobs require significant amount of debris removal (and we mean the heavy stuff), which can pose a real challenge. Enter our newest piece of heavy equipment: the Volvo 64WG Grapple Truck. This 1999 Volvo 64WG features a powerful Cummins ISM engine as well as a Prentice loader with a reach of 33 feet and a Lemco grapple that opens to 48 inches. What does all that mean? Basically, this is a big bad debris moving machine that handle the toughest jobs. We can load and haul 35 yards of debris in a single run. Most importantly, this new equipment makes dangerous tree removal jobs safer. When you are looking for a professional tree service in the Live Oak, FL area that can not only take care of your tree removal needs, but also haul off the debris – give Precision Tree Care & Removal a call (386) 688-5173.